Monday, January 24, 2011

12WBT, Signed Up

I’ve been away from this so long that it’s barely worth mentioning – a second daughter, who arrived now 12 months ago is my only excuse for falling off the wagon with my own ‘body project’.

So here is my new 'Makeover Concept' Practical Assignment

I’ve have signed up for Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation. What a fabulous concept, in 12 short weeks my body (and mind apparently) will have been transformed. A new me?

The programme combines a calorie controlled diet, 6 training sessions a week, and ‘mindset lessons’ aimed at getting you in the right mental and emotional state to transform.

Although I'm no serial dieter, I have tried and failed in the past, I have also been through periods of my life where I was super fit and reasonably healthy and that has all fallen by the wayside as well. So, I am thinking about how am I going to make it work for me this time. Diet wise, in the past I have always get bored around 6 weeks having lost 5 or 6 kg, just enough to start feeling better about myself. I'm hoping that Michelle's holistic body and mind approach might be more successful in terms of ongoing motivation for me.

I'm mum to two small people, living in Melbourne, Australia although originally from the UK. I moved here with my husband more than 5 years ago and our beautiful girls were born here. I love to run, but the joy goes out of it somewhat if I go over 70kg, so at around 73kg now I'm not getting much out of it. I want to be marathon fit again this year and to get my weight back down into the mid 60s so my goals for the 12wbt will reflect those aims.

This is what I am thinking.
1) Make sure to take time out every day for me, but not just sitting on the computer surfing the 'net, time to exercise, to read a book (you know, one of those things made from paper and card), or just to be, but mainly to exercise.

2) Set some really clear, specific goals – a race or two to run, a new recipe every week etc.

Anyway, pre-season has started and the program proper starts on the 21st of February, apparently it’s tough, but actually I think this is going to be fun. It starts with 8 tasks over a 4 week pre-season and this is supposed to be key to the program - getting fully prepared so that you have NO EXCUSES later on. Then 12 weeks of hard work, not much for a total body transformation.

Task one, introduce yourself, is done, here and on the forums, and I'm looking forward to getting stuck into the rest.

I'm going to commit to coming into the blog weekly to update my stats and progress. So Let's Go!

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