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Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

12 Week Body Transformation, Pre-Season Task 2

The second task in the preseason of the 12 Week Body Transformation was pretty confronting, we were asked to list out all of the excuses we use not to exercise or to eat well, and then look at possible solutions to those excuses. Looking around the forums it was obvious that I wasn't the only one who found this to be a bit of an eye opener, so many silly excuses, so much time wasted, so many opportunities missed. So here are mine, there's a lot of them and I'm sure that there are more that I haven't thought of. It's frightening when you think back on how you have been sabotaging yourself for so long.

Internal Excuses and Solutions - these are the excuses that we make up to get ourselves out of doing what we should be doing.


I can start next week Start RIGHT NOW, pick a very specific time to start

Too tired Will be less tired if I exercise, and anyway not going to go to sleep, will sleep better after a run. Just a short run is better than nothing so go and do it.

It’s late/dark Go to the gym, only has to be for 20 minutes, get out for a walk before dinner with the children.

Uni work Be more organised, spend less time on the computer in the evenings.

Too busy Haha, not really, only busy not doing the things that I should be doing.

More like too lazy What a silly excuse, I’ve done it before so know that I can do it and enjoy it. I know that every time you do it you feel more motivated.

I feel guilty going out and leaving Sam/the children They’ll be fine together, they’ll be better off with a healthier wife/mum, maybe we should all get out together.

I don’t want to get injured (so I’ll take it easy). Build up sensibly but still need to push it more than I usually do. If necessary get physio/massage before any injuries become an issue, lots of stretching and core strength work will help as will a varied program and good technique will be important too, I’ll be less likely to get injured when I am lighter and fitter.

I’ll do it later Do I really have time later? How likely am I to do it later? Wouldn’t I prefer to do something else later, or have an early night instead.

I’m too slow/not going to beat my pb 1) Does it matter 2) I might if I try hard enough

I’m not getting any faster/seeing results Maybe need to change things around, try a different program, or get a reality check from someone else – difficult to see it myself.

Want to sit on the sofa It’s not even that comfy, can sit there all night AFTER the exercise has been done.

Need to use the computer Need to limit computer time, don’t really need to use it as much as I do, spend too much time doing nothing important.

I’m not motivated/don’t feel like it Need to just start with 10 minutes, even a walk is better than nothing.

I have no goal to aim for Find some goals – Half Marathon pb this year.

Inlaws reaction Won’t be as bad as I anticipate and I shouldn’t let it stop me. They’ll get over it pretty quickly.

Don’t want to overdo it Listen to my body, just get on with it, don’t stop unless it hurts.


Last chance to eat something before starting ‘diet’ Nope, not allowed, have something good, first chance to eat something good on the new program.

Going to start next week Nope, going to start RIGHT NOW

I’m hungry Am I really hungry? Have a drink of water, have I eaten enough throughout the day? How much exercise have I done, analyse and make a conscious decision as to whether more food is really needed or not.

I deserve it because I have done some exercise Have something healthy first, I deserve to treat my body well.

I’m breastfeeding Which means I can eat more healthy food, but not crap.

I don’t do diets/don’t like diets But I keep gaining weight, so I need to make this a permanent change, not a diet, a new lifestyle.

Dieting is bad for you But eating healthily isn’t

Too busy Prepare some healthy snacks/freezer meals in advance. Have lots of fruit/veg in the fridge.

Too tired Too tired to eat? As above.

Eating to treat myself Treat my body well, reward with something healthy, or none food related. (Computer time maybe?)

Eating to cheer myself up Better to cheer myself up by going for a run, or having a long hot shower, then eating something healthy. Find non-food alternative treats/mood boosters.

Family/Inlaws reaction Won’t be as bad as I anticipate and I shouldn’t let it stop me. They’ll get over it pretty quickly.

Cooking for fussy eaters Will have to compromise, some nights they will have to eat it, others I’ll have to create an alternative/add extra pasta etc.

I’m addicted to sugar Have to get over this addiction, it’s bad for me, it’s a bad example to set for my children, don’t need it. I can’t just eat a little so best not to have chocolate/sweets/biscuits in the house at all. Stock up on healthy snacks and treats instead.

I have trouble keeping focused Make dates for regular workouts with others, pick challenging but realistic events/goals to work towards. Keep changing things up to make it more interesting.

External Excuses Within My Control and Some Solutions - these are things that I can't change, but I can change my attitude to them and stop them from preventing me from getting to my goal.


It’s too hot (coming from a colder climate this is a real big one for me) Head out early, don’t be such a wuss about it, don’t wear too much, take lots of water, have a cold shower afterwards or end up at the pool/cool down in the sea. Go slower shorter if it’s really bad, but at least get out there and try, it might not be as bad as I think it is going to be. If it’s hot on race day I’ll still have to race so better to be used to it. If it’s over 30 degrees then what about a swim instead.

Too hard to exercise with the children Run with the pram, check out the crèche at MSAC again, do an indoors exercise session while they sleep. Do something together, even if it is a slow walk it is better than nothing and is good role modelling to them.

Getting pregnant, I’ll lose all the good work I’ve done so why bother Can still exercise, not a reason to put it off, should make things easier during pregnancy if it happens. Can maintain weight during pregnancy. Might even help to conceive. Will make recovery and getting back to a good place easier afterwards and if not then at least I’ll be fit (any have run a marathon).

Sam being away Will have to exercise on uni days, maybe someone can watch the girls for an hour one day. Run with the girls in the mornings? Crèche? Find someone to workout with, or somewhere the kids can play at the same time. DVD’s in the evenings after bedtime.

Deadlines Need to plan well, get some work done in the evenings (when not exercising), I don’t really have that many deadlines so should be easy to do.

Meetings Should be able to plan around them, they’re pretty infrequent.

Travel Hotel gym, run to explore new places, take it in turns with the kids.

Equipment Already have gym ball and weights, need to get them out again. Can use the gym. Have HRM and SDM. Can use the bottom step of the stairs.

Don’t have gym membership so can’t do classes/Can’t afford it Don’t need it, lots of other options, get workout DVDs, prefer to be outside anyway, have weights at home/gym in apartment, renew swim membership next time there is an offer.

It’s raining But I like running in the rain so I have no idea why I use this excuse. Same goes for it’s cold out. The worse the weather, the better the ‘glow’ afterwards.


Nothing in the fridge/cupboard Most likely there is, but if not the supermarket is open, no need to get takeaway, and there’s always a healthier option anyway.

Someone else is cooking Eat more of the healthy stuff and less of the less healthy stuff, can make up for it at the next meal with a ‘clean’ meal or do a little extra exercise if necessary.

Children won’t eat what I cook Keep trying, they will get it eventually, it’s still important to offer them variety and encourage them to eat healthily and to model this eating style. They won’t starve if they miss one meal and they can always have supper.

Sam always has supper Have to tell him not to offer me any, doesn’t mean I have to have it too if I haven’t done a good hard session. Look at a few healthy options for this time of night in case I get hungry/bored.

External Excuses Outside of My Control - These are things like sick children, injury, things that happen and need to be lived through and ways to make the best of the situation.

Sickness or other family catastrophe Workaround, be realistic, get back to it as soon as possible, do my best.

SO, I'm working on these, already went out for a run in the heat this morning, just a little one, but I was there and very pleased with myself, drinking lots of water now to make up for it.

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