Sunday, February 20, 2011

12WBT, Week 1 Day 1

So here it goes, week 1 day one, I’m hungry, only in my head though, breakfast was good (muesli with milk and a banana) and lunch was delicious.

makeover concept

Carrot tabouleh and hummous wraps. A great start to week one, and I know dinner will be good (Chicken with veggies and a mustard sauce) because I make it as a practice meal a couple of days ago.

Today will be a core and stretch day for me, I’ve jiggled my program around to fit half marathon training in as well as keeping the core and strength sessions and some circuit training as well.

I’m feeling good about it so far, the pre-season has been valuable but I think makes the first day feel a little less exciting, even though I’ve not been good with my food for the last couple of weeks, just been exercising more. I’m mainly looking forward to having an excuse to prepare food that the family wouldn’t normally eat (but that I love) as I’ve spent the last few years eating chicken and pasta.

So here it goes.

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