Tuesday, February 22, 2011

12WBT, Week 1 Day 3

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Today’s lunch, delicious again, although I missed the carbs a little this time. All going well so far. The first weigh in was this morning and I’m 0.6kg down, since Sunday, so a great start, some people are posting big losses already but I’m happy with my little loss, just hoping to keep going at a similar rate for the next 11 weigh ins.

I have been feeling hungry, but I think it’s mostly in my head because I feel hungry straight after eating a huge plateful of food which can’t be right. Apparently the hungry feelings pass after a week or so, here’s hoping that’s true! The food has been fantastic so far, so tasty and obviously healthy. Chicken and a million veggies for tea tonight with a mustard sauce, trialled it last week so I know it’s a good one.

The exercise is going well, over 2000 calories burnt for the week already. Running, Strength training, core work, tick tick tick.

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Karen said...

This one looks yum, I haven't tried it yet.
When I did the mustard chicken - I doubled the sauce recipe so there was plenty for the kids but the mustard was waaayyy too strong. Did you do the sauce straight off the recipe?
We had the mushroom sauce on beef tonight and it was excellent - but this time I reduced the mustard and tasted it!