Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Commitment

12 Week Body Transformation Pre-Season Task 5

Task 5 was a tough one for me, to make a commitment to myself, to Michelle and to others in my life who should support me during the 12WBT. I don't feel quite ready to commit yet, but my commitment is as follows:

I am committed to putting my all into my workouts and not slacking off with excuses as I always have in the past. I am committed to not settling for an OK time when I could have a great time if I put the effort in. I am committed to not stopping at 12 reps if I can do 16, to continually raising the bar in order to progress not stagnate. I am committed to burning calories and burning muscles. I am committed to fueling my body for health and exercise and I am committed to cutting out the crap.

This is my committment to you and to myself.

So that's it, I have to do it now. No backing down. I AM COMMITTED.

But am I? I still have a lot of self-doubt, I'm not good at dieting, I don't really believe in diets, and I know, it's a lifestyle not a diet, I know the theory, but in reality it involves restricting some of my regular (not healthy) foods and eating more of the good stuff, so it is a change in diet. I need to get my head around the change to make it work, I'm going to go back to excuses again (and I suspect again) until I make it right. I want this to be a success.

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